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FILM - Clip Art - Popcorn - #11

The New York City Film Society promotes and supports local filmmakers and theaters, providing educational programs, and events, and creating transformative cinematic experiences for film enthusiasts in the 5 boroughs of New York City.

Our membership is meant to be more than just discounted tickets, but a social and shared experience. Simply put, our mission is to gather, discuss, and share the cinematic offerings in and around New York City. You can always check our Member Events Page for upcoming screenings and other opportunities.

* Complimentary admission to REEL New York City Film Festival.
* Perks at REEL New York City Film Festival such as Priority Seating.
* Discounts on REEL New York City Film Festival Merchandise.
* Discounts on Passes/Tickets on Partnered Events and Screenings.

* Invitations to Members-Only Free Screenings.
* Recognition in Program Guide and on Website.

Memberships are only $75 per year and will be available starting 1/1/2023!